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This is how we see the world...

Today we are in a world of abundance.

Abundance of Data, Abundance of Intelligence, Abundance of Information…..

There is a need for a continuous solution to manage the abundance and make life easy for every one of us here in this world

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the techniques that help us in Automating, Streamlining, Segregating and Channelizing the abundant Data & Information. Data presentation in an intuitive way for the readers to perceive the information is also equally important.

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What We Do

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Wisdom Circle focuses on the usage of the techniques of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the areas of Process Automation and Enhancement. Content presentation in different channels like web and mobile applications is also an area of focus.


Learning Management System

LMS helps in tracking the learning program of the team. Very flexible test & certification designer. It makes learning fun with gamification.


Process Automation with Bots

Smart Field Automation tool brings decades of experience to the hand held device of field engineers. It is guided intelligent operation setup for consistent performance. This is achieved by simple interactive chatbot interface plus flexible and configurable process flow engine supported by AI & ML tools.

Business Meeting

Customer Relationship Management

Success of any business lies in the customer experience it leaves behind. Our Omnichannel CRM comes with  flexible framework which suits across industry 
- Access to Real Time Data
- Customisable Reports
- Touches End to End functions of organization

Man Trying App

Mobile & Web APP Development

Team of dedicated  designers aim to create designs, that users will find easy to use and pleasurable. Team with experience and knowledge on the latest technologies in APP world.

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